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Save a Mother and her unborn child today.

How You And I Can Make A Difference

Donate to an expectant mothers Antenatal care

Your donation will help us provide monetary assistance by paying Antenatal care to hospitals for a mum to be who cant afford it ,that way you save her life and that of her unborn child.

Donate to Acquiring a Mobile clinic

Those living in the rural areas find it difficult to get health care due to distance and money. Donating to aquiring a mobile clinic, will help us get to them with a doctor and nurse aboard to help with thier monthly antenantal checkup and also possible delivery.

The Journey To Change The World Starts With A Mother And Child.

Sadly, not every mother get to hear the cry of her new born. Because of the silent killer called pre-eclampsia/Eclempsia that occur during pregnancy taking the life of mother and child or child only.

The Shine Begho Initiative is committed to helping the most vulnerable pregnant mother, providing them with Ante-natal care, and Health support.

We are committed to transforming their lives because we know that it will change the world we live in.

Meet Our Director

Hello, my name is Shine Begho, and I am extremely enthusiastic about this initiative. I started working on this project in 2016 after surviving Mild Eclempsia; Unfortunately, my son did not survive and died 11 days later due to the trauma.

During my stay at the hospital, I heard stories from mothers who lost their pregnancies and their unborn children.

During my Antenatal appointment, I was diagnosed with this silent killer, and the hospital took care of me. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the women who couldn't afford antenatal care and had to go home to deal with diseases they didn't understand, dying and taking their unborn child with them to the hereafter.

Please join me in saving lives by Donating to the cause. Thank you and May your pockets never dry out.

The Shine Begho Initiative for Pre-Eclempsia and Eclampsia is here to help save lives of the expectant mother and child

Meet Our Team

Seth Usanga

Founder of and co-founder African Seed Foundation. A serial Entrpreneur looking to make a difference.

Dami Dawson

Broadcaster, producer ,writer and content operations manager for Thriller Africa.

African Seed Foundation

Is an NGO committed to improve the lives of young Africans by providing opportunities that will better empower and equip them.

See What Our Sponsors And Volunteers Have To Say

"I never knew Pregancy could be this risky. im glad that my small donation change and save lives . its a heartwarming experience."

Ejiro Palmer


"I am grateful that my donation can save lives and Knowing I am helping make their life better in such a small way is an amazing feeling."

Tunde Alabi


Meet The Partners That

Help Us Transform Lives

Businesses and foundations have given their time and support

to help us make a difference in expectant Mothers lives.

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